Over HUB Weekend, there will be three opportunities for you to attend a Breakout session. Please choose the three you would like to attend by selecting your options below.

Evangelistic Pathways

Led by John Thomas, Senior Director of Training
With Wong Fong Yang, Church Planter in Kuala Lumpur

How do you connect with someone who is skeptical about Christianity in such a way that respects the process of trust building and persuasion and also builds into the ministry design of your church, not relying primarily on big events to draw them? This will be a learning activity that gives you a practical tool for creating "pathways" to help people walk into faith and into a Christian community.

Gospel Renewal

Led by Andrew Katay, CEO of CTC Australia

We all know that repent means to turn around. But so often what that comes to look like is “stop doing what you’re doing, be more disciplined, say you’re sorry and try harder.” The result is that we often just go round and round the same cycle without experiencing true change. Gospel renewal is different and deeper. We’ll discuss what repentance looks like, both in the joy that God’s grace abounds to sinners and in the dynamics of change to be more like Jesus.

Mercy & Justice

Led by Dennae Pierre, Executive Director of Surge Network, Phoenix
With Robert Guerrero, VP of CTC NYC

Gospel preaching and kingdom justice and compassion are interrelated—one results from the other. To separate them would be a total contradiction. In this session, we’ll discuss how the gospel informs not only what we do about injustice, but how we do it.

15 Years of Faith & Work Ministry: What has Changed?

Led by Katherine Leary Alsdorf, VP of Faith and Work
With Sibs Sibanda, Church Planter in Johannesburg

Redeemer Presbyterian Church and churches in the CTC network have been pioneering in the area of faith and work ministry since 2003. How have lives been changed? How have churches been changed? How are cities beginning to change? This session will provoke new thinking about your own work life as well as broaden your appreciation of the need for faith and work integration in our global cities.